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Brooks Harvest Flower Farm grows seasonal flowers for Weddings and Events, DIY, Wholesale and Daily Arrangements.


We understand that not everyone needs a designer for your wedding or event.  We also offer DIY,  You can have locally grown fresh flowers and do all the designing yourself.  Each bucket is $160, the bucket will be filled with flowers and filler.  We do take request for color pallets but not for specific flowers.

Sample of a DIY bucket

Wedding Flowers

We offer wedding flowers for you to pick up or if you would like us to do installations, we got your back.  Our pricing depends on your vision, just email us and we will send you a short questionnaire and then we can talk about pricing.  

Wedding Arch here at the Farm

Flower Care Tips:

  • Replenish the water frequently. Change the water entirely every 2-3 days.

  • Trim your flowers before you put them in a vase and each time you change the water.

  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light.

  • After you throw out your last arrangement, be sure to wash the container in hot soapy water or, better yet, in your dishwasher

  • Use flower food for most flowers.

  • Use sharp scissors or pruners when cutting

Flowers will last in your containers longer if you follow these few simple instructions.  Some flowers can last a few weeks when properly cared for.

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