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Flowers Bring Joy and Love

Why flowers?  Because a single flower can show that you care and bring a smile to you or someones face. 


To us, that's pretty magical and we want to help that magic happen.  

pink wedding bouquet

Brooks Harvest offers many types of flowers from freshly grown on our farm to wood flowers.  We also offer preserved and dried flowers. 

In Season Fresh Florals




Mixed Bouquets

There is nothing like fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers are a favorite to design with because every flower has it's own touch and look.

Dried and Preserved


Preserved Flowers and

Dried Greenery

Preserved Roses

Preserved and Dried

Preserved and Dried

Dried and Preserved flowers are becoming more and more popular.  They are great to work with and use along with fresh flowers or wood flowers.

Wood Flowers

Lantern with wood flowers

Wood Flower

Bridal Bouquet

14in Rustic Wreath

Wreath with wood and dried

Bud Vase with wood 

and dried

Wood flowers are just starting to get used for weddings and decor.   Wood flowers not only last forever but we can dye them to any color to match your wedding or home decor.  They are great paired with dried flowers.

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