About Us

Finding Inspiration with Every Flower

Brooks Harvest Flower Farm is located in Shelbyville, TN about an hour Southeast of Nashville and an hour and a half West Northwest of Chattanooga.  Me and my husband have been married for almost 30 years and have two children, one grandchild, and one on the way.  We have lived on our farm for almost 20 years.  

The farm is for everyone that loves nature, flowers and beautiful scenery.  We have a small venue for weddings and get togethers.  Brooks Harvest Flower Farm also offers full service floral design, perennial and house plants.  

Our Story

We are a family farm all the way down to the grandkids.   We started the farm in 2019 when my dad retired and moved to the farm with us.  It started as a vegetable garden, slowly went to flowers and in 2021 became mostly flowers.

I grew up with my parents always having a garden.  I was born in Montana, my mom's family is from Mississippi and have lived a whole lot of places in between.  Our family moved a lot so me, my two sisters and my parents have always been extremely close and loved the outdoors.  I can remember as a child working in the garden, making mud pies at our house in Colorado and eating fresh asparagus, my grandmas flowers in Montana and camping in Mississippi.  All of my greatest memories from my childhood were outside enjoying nature.

Now that I have children and grandchildren I want them to be able to come to the farm and enjoy the outdoors and nature as much as I did when I was a child.  When we decided to turn the farm into majority of flowers it was because I also want the community and other families to be able to enjoy the farm and fresh cut flowers.


My favorite quote:  "Our greatest risk is never experiencing our greatest joy" Author Unknown


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