Why Local

American grown is where it's at!!!  Fresh flowers, that you can see where and how they are grown.  80% of flowers are imports in to the United States.  Locally grown flowers are fresher, last longer in vases and support American Farmers.


From Field


to Bouquets

to Vase


Locally grown flowers do not have all of the harsh chemicals and therefore  you have fresher flowers and it is environmentally better.  A win win for everyone!!  We also try to use products safer for the environment, such as no flower foam.  In our installations you will commonly see us using chicken wire or other means that is safer for the environment and everyone working with the flowers.

People want to know where their products come from, whether it's flowers or plants. We can make sure our products are safe for you and your children.

Seasonality - Different than you are used to in a floral designer, our flowers are harvested fresh and mostly onsite.  Due to the seasonality of different flowers, every arrangement/bouquet will be unique to you and what is in bloom.

We cannot grow everything, whether it is for space reasons or climate reasons, but we do source from other flowers farmers that also use the same practices.

The flowers above are called Lisianthus.  This is the flower we grow for wedding and event work due to not needing chemicals to keep insect pressure away like some flowers.  The flowers above will last up to three weeks after harvested with attention and proper care.



For the community to have elegant, seasonal flowers from a local farmer.   It not only supports the community, but it also helps protect the environment.  

You will see so many things at the farm  Flowers, butterflies, a bee and even hummingbirds.  The insects are our pollinators and why we do not use harsh chemicals.  

We love to talk about flower farming, showing off our flowers and seeing our flowers grow and then used in your events.