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Why Buy Local

We get ask this question quite often....

Why should I buy from you when I can buy from the big box store or I can just order flowers online and have them delivered. Sometimes they are less expensive, sometimes it's just easier. My answer to this? Yes it can be easier and yes they may be less expensive BUT

What we can offer you...

Our flowers are fresh and grown here or in our off season the flowers are still grown local by other farms. Why does this matter? For many reasons, the biggest one is the freshness of your flowers. When you order online or purchase from big companies all of the flowers are being shipped from outside of the United States. This means that they use harsh chemicals to make sure that they stay alive long enough to be shipped, to be stored and to be arranged to sell to you and still give you a short vase life. With our flowers they are harvested weekly, which for you means they will have a much longer vase life and with no harsh chemicals.

We also get asked about the types and availability of flowers with only buying local. Yes, we do not have all flowers available all of the time. We sell by color or by size of the arrangement you want. What we can promise is that you will get a beautiful, one of a kind arrangement.

Our plants all come from Tennessee nurseries. What does this mean for you? This means that you do have a green thumb, you have just been buying plants that are not good for the season it is. So many people say they do not have a green thumb, I don't believe that. I believe that anyone can grow anything if you have the help in learning how to grow and you can purchase plants that are right for the season we are in.

We may not have all of the plants that you see everywhere else BUT we have the plants that have been grown and acclimated to our climate, this makes a huge difference. We also only have plants that should be planted during the season we are currently in. If you do not know how or what to plant, we are here to help you with that.

To sum it all up, Why Buy Local? Keep it local to support local product, get good fresh product that will last. Whether it's flowers and plants from us or vegetables or meat from your local farm, you are simply getting better products. Helping small hard working local businesses, you are helping our environment and your local economy.

We hope you consider buying local this year, try it just once and see the difference.


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