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Probably wondering what the title of this blog post really means huh? Well the about us page is what I believe in as far as business. In order for you to follow my journey I want you to know “me” and if I share my whole heart maybe my journey with starting this flower farm and gardening business will intrigue you even more. So here it goes…

I’m 40 something and have always had the thought that one day I will figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Don’t get me wrong I have a great job and work with good people but you know sometimes somethings just missing. I have a more than fantastic husband that I have been married to for almost 27 years. He is a police officer and i could never support the thin blue line more than I do now. I have two great kids, a wonderful son in law, and a perfect granddaughter. I have two sisters, a great dad, awesome brother in laws as well as an amazingly supportive family on my husbands side. To say I’m surrounded by love and supportive people is an understatement. Sometimes something is still just missing right?

I work a ton of hours and miss a lot of family functions, which I have no doubt they all understand. So in my “spare” time I just want to relax.

Let’s back up for a minute. Last November (2019) after a couple busy and stressful years, was when I realized after not planting a garden for the first time since I can remember, it hit me. I missed my enjoyment of not just the fresh veggies but the planting, the sweating and the weeding. It hit me one day, that in my spare time this is everything I needed and missed. So then started the research, not only did I want to garden and learn as much as I possibly could on the “right” ways to garden but I could imagine teaching people to garden.

Over the next several months, after research and lots of internet browsing, I found a garden coach class that I signed up for. My dad, which is outdoorsy as they get, moved in with us. I talked it over with my husband, which is always super supportive. Before I knew it my dad saw my visual garden, my husband said ok, we are on the way to quadrupling the size of any garden I had ever had before. You have to learn by not only class but by doing, right? What was once a probably 200 sq ft garden has now turned into an absolute safe haven and more than 3200 sq ft of gardening space.

I cannot tell you how excited I was. To plan this much garden is amazing. We built a “she shed” close to the garden where I could plant and chill whenever I wanted. It’s great and not just a small shed, it’s probably as big as a decent size tiny house. I planned out my garden, companion planting and all, and come spring planted all kinds of plants. Also, during this time I became a certified garden coach. Yay!

As we planted different veggies and flowers I was still missing something. I still needed more flowers. I had this vision of a field full of all types of flowers that anyone can come cut and enjoy the scenery as well as taking a bouquet home with them.

Here’s the next step, I had the bright idea we needed more space to grow, like I didn’t already have enough. But I didn’t. … I came up with the idea of clearing some of our land and making a flower farm. So to get you up to date, the land is cleared, it’s probably 1/4 to 1/2 an acre. That’s a lot of space when you are planting flowers. I am now dreaming daily of people walking through my flower farm, picking a cherry tomato and eating eat, smelling the flowers, or just sitting and relaxing and taking in the view.

We still have so much to do but I can just sit and think about it and visualize what it’s going to look like. People walking through and smiling or my granddaughter standing in the middle of all the flowers. I can see it as if it is already done.

A few years back I had an Angels league, special needs children playing ball, and I can picture reconnecting with them and having them out here to work or just enjoying being outside. Those kids will absolutely always have a place in my heart and anything I can do to be involved with them I will make sure happens.

I wanted to share my story and my thoughts (still lots to come) in hopes that when I get all of this accomplished you will come see and visit us. Not only that but follow along in my journey knowing what the bigger picture is, and give me feed back on things that I may be doing wrong or that you have suggestions on. I’m still a beginner, I just have determination.

I recently listened to a book that Lauren Akins wrote and she talks about knowing deep down what you are meant to to do. Well, this is it for me. Yes, there’s lots of work to be done to get it going and to where people can visit, but all I see if the finished product and all of the smiles and laughter which we all need more of.

I hope you follow along on my journey and even more so, comment to help me out and come see me when we are done.

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