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How do you vision a flower farm?

Since it doesn’t take long to write about mulching up downed trees, which is about all that’s going on around the farm right now, I thought I would share my vision and hope to get some insight from you all.

If you could have a flower farm or be walking through a flower farm, how do you see it? I am lucky enough to have a blank slate, and with that blank slate comes so many ideas. Some far fetched I’m sure, but if you can’t dream then what can you do, right.

I call it a flower farm, yes. But my visions go so beyond that. I literally wake up at night thinking of all of the neat things that could possibly be done with an out of the ordinary flower farm. It’s of course obvious that I want rows and rows of beautiful flowers that you can come cut and make arrangements. That in itself will be amazing, but what about the not so ordinary.

For instance, wouldn’t it be great if you could come to the flower farm and learn how to make an arrangement or learn how to make a wreath all while drinking a glass of wine and enjoying great company and laughs. What about if you could bring your blanket, sit with flowers all around you and watch a movie. Girls, sorry guys, that would be amazing with a Hallmark movie playing under the stars.

Holidays, oh my gosh! So many ideas for the holidays, you can come get a pumpkin, take pictures by all of the fall decorations and leave with a fall arrangement. Yes!!! Christmas, my absolute favorite time of the year, even if I do live with Scrooge’s. I can imagine the flower farm becoming a winter wonderland and having wooden figurines everywhere, poinsettia’s and what would be great is if you could even come pick out your own Christmas tree. You know like the movies or like I remember as I kid.

I know my visions are big but what I want is a flower farm that anyone and everyone, male and female, adults and children, can come and enjoy themselves and leave with smiles and a happy heart.

Now that you have heard some of my ideas, what do you think? What would you do? I will keep having my visions and hope you all follow me to see what happens.

Thanks for listening to my visions!!

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