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About Us

When writing an “about us” do you ever have trouble figuring out what to say? Well as a beginning blogger I want this to be a factual everyday person blog, that has a love for gardening, flowers, and nature. So here we go…..

I guess you could say I’m a southern “country girl” at heart. I work a full time job but have such a passion for gardening and flowers that I spend all of my spare time outside. I have taken numerous classes, done hours of research and what I have found is that I love planting anything and everything and that research can get overwhelming. So I have decided to just dig in.

Why do this?

  • We all have one life. In this life I have decided that I want to help people learn to grow and if they don’t want to grow themselves, they can have a place to go to still enjoy fresh food and flowers.

  • Flowers make people happy. It’s a fact and studies have been done that just one flower can make someone smile.

  • Home grown vegetables not only taste better but are better for you.

  • To simply see the joy on people’s face when they can pick a strawberry straight from the plant and eat it or to cut a flower and immediately put it to their nose to smell it.

I’m publishing this blog so that you can research with me and follow along in my journey to get my small 10 acre farm ready and going, through trial and error, research, hopefully feedback and then follow along as people start to smile again.

My goals for this blog…

  • To show that anyone can follow their dreams

  • I’m going to write weekly (maybe more) and tell you about the happenings, good and bad, of what’s going on

  • I would like to connect with people that may have pointers on things I’m having trouble with or questions.

  • Over the next year I hope you enjoy the blog and following along on my journey and if you are in my area would love for you to stop by and see me.

In order to follow my dreams I do have an amazing family helping me along the way. You will be seeing pictures of them as we go along.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy starting on this journey.

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