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About Us

When writing an “about us” do you ever have trouble figuring out what to say? Well as a beginning blogger I want this to be a factual everyday person blog, that has a love for gardening, flowers, and nature. So here we go…..

I guess you could say I’m a southern “country girl” at heart. I work a full time job but have such a passion for gardening and flowers that I spend all of my spare time outside. I have taken numerous classes, done hours of research and what I have found is that I love planting anything and everything and that research can get overwhelming. So I have decided to just dig in.

Why do this?

  • We all have one life. In this life I have decided that I want to help people learn to grow and if they don’t want to grow themselves, they can have a place to go to still enjoy fresh food and flowers.

  • Flowers make people happy. It’s a fact and studies have been done that just one flower can make someone smile.

  • Home grown vegetables not only taste better but are better for you.

  • To simply see the joy on people’s face when they can pick a strawberry straight from the plant and eat it or to cut a flower and immediately put it to their nose to smell it.

I’m publishing this blog so that you can research with me and follow along in my journey