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2022 Second Season, and It Has Been Fun

We are in our second full season of flower farming and so much has changed this year. It has been a year of figuring out exactly what we want to do besides grow flowers. If we grow them, we need to use them somewhere, right?

Over the course of the winter, I decided that besides me loving the flowers I also love watching people's faces when they see the flowers. Even more than that, when they have a big occasion, and our flowers are the decorations for that occasion. So, with that we decided to start doing small weddings and events here at the farm.

We had three weddings, all different, all beautiful and all of them making me realize even more how much I enjoy decorating for them. We also had our first proposal here at the farm, again I think we are definitely on the right track.

To plant the seed (or baby plant), nurture it, cut it, and then use it to decorate for someone's big day, I have to say that is pretty Amazing!!!

The past two years have each been different, not only the weather (one extremely wet and the other a drought) but just learning each flower and how it grows and where it grows best. Figuring out what to grow that everyone will love and colors to fit each event.

We are loving it though, planning for the 2023 season will start soon, along with a little construction at the farm, and making some new raised beds.

We are so excited to be a part of even more events in the upcoming year.


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